Blue Whales spotted off Faial and São Miguel – Whale watching in the Azores

Yesterday opened the season for whale watching in the Azores and what a great start it was.

We spotted a great number of species on Faial, including the mighty blue whale which migrates through the Azores in early Spring. On São Miguel these majestic migrating beasts have been sighted for the whole of last week.

Of the 80 cetacean species in our oceans, 24 can be seen in the Azores through the year. We have great little tips to make your holiday experience even more special and below is a helpful list of what you can see in different times of the year.

Whale watching in the Azores – what to look out for

Throughout the year :
Sperm Whale
Common Dolphin
Spotted Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin
Risso’s Dolphins

Specific seasons :
From April to May & September and October: Baleen Whales (e.g. the Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Humpback Whale and Minke Whale)
From May / June to September: Spotted Dolphin
From April: Pilot Whale

Seen occasionally :
False Killer and Killer Whales, Beaked Whale and Striped Dolphin

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