Sunfish eats Portuguese Man of War

A highlight of yesterday’s sightings from Sao Miguel was a very large sunfish of about 2.5m in length. During the encounter we saw its dark dorsal fin waving above water, which is typical of sunfish approaching the surface. Close to the sunfish there was a Portuguese Man of War, but nobody was really paying much attention to it as the sunfish was just a great show to watch. However, the Portuguese Man of War turned out to be part of an even greater show.

The fish was in fact basking, but slowly approached the jellyfish and ate it. At this point the sunfish turned showing its shape and the lighter coloration of its belly and slowly started diving.


Sunfish can reach 3m in length and in height including the fins. Their peculiar oval shape flattened to the sides makes them unique. They are the largest among bony fishes. They can dive down to 600m but are often observed basking at the sea surface. Their thick skin constitutes their only defence.

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