Caloura – New restaurant near Quinta do Mar

The new ‘fresh fish’ restaurant at the pretty port of Caloura is proving very popular especially with our guests at Quinta do Mar, just 5 minutes walk away.

It’s great for people who enjoy a drink with a meal of ‘lapas’, prawns, freshly-caught fish, salads, potatoes, local desserts like pineapple with port etc. with views over the sea and towards the traditional wooden fishing boats in the harbour.  Diners can see the fisherman preparing their boats to go out fishing every evening throughout the week and eat that fish the next day for lunch or dinner. Nick from Quinta do Mar says, “Chris & I are thrilled because we’re the closest hotel and the owner Abel now loves us!!!  It’s also incredibly romantic down there for honeymooners.

The lapas (limpets) sold here are harvested in Caloura from the rocks by ‘unemployed’ youths. The good news is that the restaurant isn’t expensive despite its great location (possibly, the best on the island).  Fresh corn-fried Chicharros (mackerel), salad, potatoes with local bread and ‘Queijo Branco’ (fresh cheese) with Pimento red sauce costs just €8.00 and a bottle of wine is about €9.00.  A beer with a portion of 10 large prawns is just €2.50. I’m hungry!

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