Wow! Amazing Golfing Holidays in the Azores

If you’re a serious golfer you’re always on the look out for unusual and challenging courses to play on but we bet you’ve never considered looking for golfing holidays in the Azores!

This is a shame as the Azores are ideally suited for a golfing holiday and with plenty of other attractions to enjoy including whale watching and hiking there’s something for everyone to make this an amazing holiday chock full of memories.

Our golfing expert, Paul Weir, visited Sao Miguel in October and has written a very useful report on the Batalha course for us.

Batalha Golf Course, Ponta Delgada, Azores


No review of a golfing holiday to the Azores would be complete without a specific review of the Batalha Golf Course in Ponta Delgada. I found this to be an impressive complex offering a challenging but very enjoyable and friendly experience that I believe would appeal to golfers of a wide spectrum of playing standard and I specifically mean a range covering  handicap 24 through to Professional.

The courses consist of 3 x 9 hole courses   a, b and c which can be played in whatever order you choose. This allows for  refreshments to be arranged after the 9th hole.

I suggest hiring a buggy would be an advantage and buggy hire and directions are easily accessible via the reception / pro- shop.

The very first hole is a deceptively difficult one to commence and involves playing over or around water in order to get to the green. Most holes are decorated with palm trees, pampas grass or both. The course is maintained to a high standard throughout and the many bunkers contain consistent dark sand.

The panoramic views across the Atlantic from some elevated tees only add a touch of drama to the overall enjoyable experience.

golfing holidays in the azores
amazing views

Many of the par 3s are around the 200yd length requiring well played golf shots to manage par. There are course stroke savers available and tee markers and fairway distance markers often provide conversions between yds. and mtrs.

The greens are medium paced and true, offering good putters a fair chance of sinking some lengthy putts – however this was mid – October and I’m confident they will be faster in full season. I also would be inclined to think that light to moderate breezes will be the norm and add to difficulty here.

There are club hire facilities where a good standard of clubs are provided and there are generous practice putting and other facilities to a good standard.

golfing holidays in the azores
View from the Clubhouse

The clubhouse, locker room and bar restaurant area are impressive, and give an overall view of the starting and finishing holes – refreshments and food may be taken outside on a large balcony.

I paid 10 euros for the taxi one way from old town Ponta Delgada. I hope I get the opportunity to play here again.                                                         

 PW, Scotland, 18 October 2012      (h’cap  13) 

Thanks Paul for that great review. It certainly sounds as if a golfing holiday in the Azores taking in the Batalha Course would certainly be very worthwhile! Of course we’re completed biased here at ArchipelagoChoice as we’ve been organising bespoke holidays to the Azores for over 20 years and firmly believe that everyone should try the Azores at least once in their lifetime!

Of course we don’t just organise golfing holidays in the Azores; we’re able to organise many different activity holidays including mountain biking, hiking, wildlife (including whale watching), and of course our holidays can all be tailored for couples, groups, solo-travellers, and can include family-friendly itineraries for most ages of children.

Golfing holidays in the Azores

If you’d like more information on our golfing holidays in the Azores, or if you’d just like to find out more about our tailor-made activity holidays to the Azores, or any of our other destinations please do get in touch. Our team of Azores specialists would love to hear from you and help you plan your holiday of a lifetime!

Our specialist team can help with your golfing holiday in the Azores
Our specialist team can help with your golfing holiday in the Azores

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