Tales from a winter adventure to the Azores – Part two

Sao Jorge
Sao Jorge

…Out over the ocean the next morning on the small prop plane and down to a cloud veiled Sao Jorge.  The cliff top Hotel Sao Jorge was great for the sea pounding below and I spent hours just watching the swell pound into the bay at Velas.

The next morning there was a brisk gusty westerly with cloud lifting from the spine…so a hike up onto the path and along the ridge.  The wind only felt sheltered once I dropped back onto the north slopes but it gave an ever changing light and shadow pattern to the hills.  When I reached the faja, the sea was sweeping across the rocks and small boat jetty.

The bustling town of Horta

The bustling town of Horta

Next I flew to Horta and felt  ‘The Star of the Atlantic’ is probably the house I would build if on the slopes of a small Atlantic island above the harbour.  Spacious and restful with bedrooms instead of hotel rooms, and a library!  Ruth was very helpful and friendly and served great breakfasts with fresh fruit, coffee and bread.

The whole of the next day I didn’t leave Horta but explored the northern beach end right through to Porto Pina and the whaling factory, and then up onto the hill for a great view of the town.  The yacht harbour interested me for its importance in the Caribbean trade route under sail.

HortaMy last day in the islands brought stiff northerly winds, chill and brief hail showers, fierce and sharp.  I took the boat to Magdalena on Pico for the thrill of the choppy passage and the big clouds sweeping the shore.

Then back on the plane to Lisbon, 11 days of memories and photos and I didn’t think of my back ache once!


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