First impressions of our São Tomé holidays

Emma has just arrived on São Tomé for the first time and she has an action packed 3 weeks planned so she can come back full of knowledge and enthusiasm to help you plan your own São Tomé holidays.

Here are her initial thoughts on the island and her first hotel…

As I sit here on my first morning, my heart is full of joy. I love the heat that bathes me in relaxation and forces me to surrender to nature’s pace. I love the sweet smells that rise from the earth – smells new, exotic and promising adventure; and smells that bring memories of past travels.

Bustling market in Sao Tome city
Bustling market in Sao Tome city

I love the dense nature of the air. It’s thick and full of moisture and it calms me, asking me to go slowly slowly please – ‘leve leve’.

I love that we can walk on packed red earth, not concrete. The roads are tarmacked and there are neatly paved paths where I’m staying at Omali Lodge, but here we are in sync with nature; at one with the ants as they go about their daily tasks more busily than we do.

Colonial building in Sao Tome city
Colonial building in São Tomé city

I love the smiles and the calm nature of the people who live here. Life is not all beaches and palm trees for them, but they live in a world of blue, yellow and green and it’s very good for the soul.  I can’t wait to plan your São Tomé holiday so you can experience it too.

Welcome home to Omali Lodge, Sao Tome city

‘Welcome home’ I’m greeted with warmth; what a welcome to this charming island.
I’ve just arrived at Omali Lodge, a little jaded after a long day on the plane. My first impression is romantic; it’s dark and people sit out on the veranda under twinkling lights chatting and eating.  It feels exotic, friendly and like THE place to be.

Omali Lodge Hotel on Sao Tome
Omali Lodge Hotel on Sao Tome

I’m quickly checked in and guided to my room through the Lodge’s spacious, elegantly African lounge and gardens.
My room, a junior suite, is large with a balcony overlooking the pool.  I have all I need here; air conditioning cools the rooms, I have a wonderfully comfortable double bed, a large bathroom with a shower and bath, shower gels and shampoo, soft towels, WiFi, a fridge, sofa and tea and coffee making facilities.  I even have a TV but I can’t imagine I’ll watch it!

Tropical beach opposite Omali Lodge
Tropical beach opposite Omali Lodge

I sleep well and in the morning I wake to sunshine bathing the gardens; I’m ready for my São Tomé holiday!

Birds sing cheerfully in the palm trees around the pool and waves lap at the beach.   Peace reigns but there’s an energy here too. Locals play tennis on the courts and people quietly work to keep Omali Lodge incredibly clean and tidy.
Breakfast would make many a King happy; fresh fruits, banana cake, pancakes, cereals, breads, jams and honey and some hot dishes too if you like.  If you eat too much don’t worry, there’s a gym here too (but I don’t anticipate I’ll be able to tell you what that’s like I’m afraid!).

São Tomé and Príncipe Holidays Specialists

At Archipelago Choice, our small friendly team of island holiday specialists has been organising tailor-made holidays to the Azores since 1998 and more recently to Saõ Tomé and Príncipe, Madeira and Cape Verde. Over this time we have developed the most comprehensive, flexible and fairly priced holidays to these beautiful islands.

All the holidays we organise are put together with great care using our extensive knowledge of the islands and our experience of travelling around them. We try very hard to give the most choice and flexibility possible combining activities, accommodation and island hopping so we put together holidays that best suit our clients.

Contact us now and one of our São Tomé and Príncipe holiday specialists will put together an amazing experience for you.

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