What’s it like to dive from Sao Tome?

In November, Sao Tome and Principe island specialist Emma went diving from Sao Tome.  She was staying at Omali Lodge and went out with Joao, a qualified PADI dive instructor originally from Portugal.

Joao provides everything from beginners baptism dives to dive master courses from his beach side centre. Although a PADI scuba diver, Emma’s dive skills were rusty so patient Joao spent time running through the basics from the importance of breathing to the hand signals used for communicating underwater and how to equalising the ears.

They started with a test dive before heading to the Spanish wreck; perfect for beginners, the wreck is no deeper than 6 meters and just 15 minutes’ boat ride from the dive base.  The Gulf of Guinea is one of the world’s hotspots of marine biodiversity and divers can look for snappers, sweetfish, stingrays, octopus, moray eels, stingrays, sea horses and giant sea slugs at the many dive sites.

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When should I go diving from Sao Tome?

The water around Sao Tome has good visibility and a warm temperature all year round but the best times for more serious divers to visit is between December and the beginning of February.

Full equipment is provided and whether you’ve dived before or this will be your first experience, you’ll have a fantastic diving adventure on Sao Tome.

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How do I get there?

That’s where we come in. Our team of Activity Holidays Specialists have an extensive knowledge of these islands. We  give the most choice and flexibility possible combining activities, accommodation and everything you need for a holiday that you will never forget.

We are a member of AITO (the Association of Independent Tour Operators) which encourages the highest standards in all aspects of tour operating. All members must adhere to the AITO Quality Charter.

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