What’s it like to stay at Makaira Lodge on Príncipe?

On leaving after her stay at Makaira Lodge on Príncipe, it occurred to Emma that if the rest of the world had gone up in a puff of smoke she wouldn’t have had a clue. Or even minded much!

The Lodge, which specialises in boat and fishing trips, can be found on the beautiful Praia Campanha beach where the rainforest meets the ocean.  The sea laps just a short distance from the six African safari tents which are gorgeously laid out inside with what feels like a four-poster bed elegantly draped with white mosquito nets, wooden floors and everything an explorer could need in their beach camp.

Makaira Lodge.Principe Choice www.saotomechoice.com

The adventure begins at the airport when you get aboard the Polaris Ranger, a kind of quadbike that’s well on its way to becoming a vehicle but way better and more fun.  Quickly leaving the paved road behind, you take a mischievous little dirt track off through the forest; Makaira Lodge are working hard to maintain the road which is a bit washed out in places but don’t worry, your driver knows just how to keep you safe and upright!

Makaira Lodge.Principe Choice www.saotomechoice.com

You’ll receive a warm welcome to life at Makaira Lodge by the couple who manage it, Carina (who is Portuguese and speaks English) and Stan (South African).

Stan runs the boat trips : snorkelling trips, excursions with picnics on remote beaches, oceanic bird watching trips, sight seeing trips and fishing expeditions, and looks after the lodges 2 kayaks – and Carina makes sure everything else runs smoothly.  Carina and Emma did a fantastic walk to the Oqui Pipi waterfall in the Obo National Park and swam in the cool pool beneath the refreshing cascade, they can’t recommend it enough!

Makaira Lodge.Principe Choice www.saotomechoice.com

Life at Makaira Lodge is an adventure; there’s no air conditioning, no electricity between 11pm and 7am,  you’re remote and can’t just pop into the next town or village for a coffee and life on the sea shore is pretty humid and wild with the seas constant movements. But it’s worth it for your own private beach, wonderful bird and marine life, the freedom to explore the forest that links the neighbouring bays and the hundreds of thousands of stars at night.  It’s an eco lodge, not a hotel by any definition, and you will love it!

How do I get there?

That’s where we come in. Our team of Activity Holidays Specialists have an extensive knowledge of these islands. We  give the most choice and flexibility possible combining activities, accommodation and everything you need for a holiday that you will never forget.

We are a member of AITO (the Association of Independent Tour Operators) which encourages the highest standards in all aspects of tour operating. All members must adhere to the AITO Quality Charter.

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