Top tips for working out whether our Gabon holidays are right for you

Gabon, in central west Africa – it is hard to find aNY information about it.  A map will show you where it is, and the one or two guide books will give you a bit more of an idea of what to expect, but how do you know if you’d enjoy our adventurous Gabon holidays?

After travelling there, Emma has put together a few tips to help you decide whether this mysterious destination is right for you:

Are you well travelled (in Africa)? Gabon is a wonderful place; exciting and interesting and you’ll enjoy it more if you nailed your culture shock somewhere where the tourism industry is more well oiled.   It’s also better if this isn’t your first experience of being in a hot, humid climate as often the electricity won’t be on during the day and you won’t be able to retreat into an air conditioned room.

Are you in good health?  Roads in Gabon are unmade, other than the new Chinese road that takes you the 3 hours or so from Port Gentil south to Omboue. If you have any back or neck  problems, it’s very likely they’ll be aggrivated bouncing along a muddy or sandy, potholed road in a vehicle.

If you’d like to spend an hour with the troop of habituated western lowland gorilla, you need to be free from colds, flu and any other type of transferrable illness.  If you have picked something up you won’t be allowed to visit – this is to protect the gorilla.  Even if you are healthy, you will need to wear a medical mask over your nose and mouth for the duration of the visit to prevent any transfer of germs.  You can find out more about trekking with gorilla in Gabon here.

Do you travel with an open mind and open heart? It’s possible that things might not go exactly to plan and you’ll need an open, flexible approach.  A sense of humour is worth packing!

Is wildlife of interest to you?  Our wildlife holidays to Gabon focus on nature and take you to some remote places, all of this is pretty immersive.  While you will be very well looked after at Loango Lodge, if you’re not happy to get hot and sweaty (and sometimes drenched in rain) outside, you might enjoy one of our other incredible destinations more!

If you’ve said yes to everything above then call our destination specialists Emma and Susanne on 01768 721020 to start planning your adventure.

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