Why is Gabon so special?

In November, Emma and Susanne went to find out!  Gabon, and the  ‘Gabonese Jungle Belt’, forms part of the Central African Congo Basin: the biggest area of intact rainforest in Africa, and one of the largest worldwide. 

The Gabonese Jungle Belt has the highest diversity of birds and trees found anywhere in Africa; and although this country only accounts for 13% of Africa’s rainforest, it is home to over half the remaining forest elephant population.

The intact nature of the wilderness is largely down its relative isolation and low population density; Gabon has 2 million people compared to the UK’s 66 million!  

1,550 square km Loango National Park, where we take you on our Gabon holidays, is considered the ‘jewel in the crown’ as one of 13 national parks.  Its 175 km of uninhabited shoreline is widely regarded as one of Africa’s last coastal wildernesses and the park enjoys a splendid variety of habitat to explore : from beach to mangrove, lagoon, forest and savannah.  

Loango’s beaches are one of the last remaining places on earth where buffalo and forest elephants still have access to the sea.  Although a rare sight, even gorilla families are occasionally found foraging in beachside trees, and hippos take to the seas to wallow and ‘surf’.

For the adventurous, open minded, big hearted, traveller who doesn’t mind long bumpy vehicle rides and high humidity, our holidays to Gabon promise the experience of a lifetime.

We’ve carefully crafted four holidays to Gabon, some also take you to visit the spectacular tropical islands of Sao Tome and Principe, an hours’ flight away.   To find out more about Gabon and our holidays, call our destination specialists Emma and Susanne on 01768 721020.

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