The Archipelagoes of Africa

If you have never been to Africa before, always wanted to go, but are still a bit hesitant, you may be persuaded to visit one of them after reading this.

I have been visiting African countries for many years now and even though I have Asian blood – Africa is by far my favourite continent. Just don’t tell my family!

Cape Verde Holidays - Brava

This year we offer four very different African destinations. Cape Verde is a great introduction to the continent of Africa as it’s a nice mix of Portuguese European and African influences. When you’re in Mindelo on the northern island of Sao Vicente you could be fooled for thinking that you’ve landed in Havana, Cuba with its impromptu music sessions and Brazilian-like Carnival with African roots.  The biggest island in the south, Santiago is the most African influenced of them all.

Sao Tome and Principe Holidays : Belo Monte

Further south, on the equator lies the small African tropical archipelago of Sao Tome and Principe. It’s the Bounty and Bacardi commercials put together with a bit of Jurassic Park. Like Cape Verde, the official language is Portuguese, and the food is a fusion of Portuguese, Brazilian and African flavours.

Drive Bullsport to Solitare Namibia

Travel further south and then to the east and you’ll find Namibia – the country with never-ending horizons, where rainforests and tropical beaches have been swapped for high sand dunes and big wild animals. Ideal for the independent and adventurous amongst us as the best way to get to know this country is on a self-drive holiday in a 4WD. The sand dunes of Sossusvlei, wildlife in Etosha and cheetahs at Okonjima are not to missed out on.

Gabon Holidays - western gorilla

On the same west coast but journeying north again, we come to our final African destination Gabon – pure, undiscovered and a bit more hardcore. Here you can see gorilla up close, hold small crocodiles, watch surfing hippos and be surrounded by humpback whales.

So, what do you think, which African country would suit you best? If you’re not sure, why not give Emma or Susanne a ring on 017687 21040 and we’ll go through the different options with you. You can of course also email us on or

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