Three unique experiences on Madeira

With its hot summers, mild winters, dramatic scenery and direct flights from many regional airports, Madeira is the perfect destination for a long weekend, week or two week getaway.

There is a lot more to this little island than meets the eye, as Paul, our Madeira specialist reveals……

Steam-driven rum distillery

The tiny village of Porto da Cruz  is home to one of the island’s few surviving rum distilleries: the Engenho do Norte. There are three Engenho’s on the island, and the distillery here in Porto da Cruz is the only one still driven by steam. One of Madeira’s best loved cakes is made from a by-product of the distillery – molasses, which is the main ingredient in Bolo de Melo, (or ‘Honey Cake’ in English):

Europe’s Highest Cliff Skywalk

The miradouro at Cabo Girao looks out over one of Europe’s highest sea cliffs. A glass skywalk was constructed in 2012 which extends out over the cliff above the 580m sheer drop – it’s not a walk for the fainthearted:

Idyllic beach

Madeira’s small island neighbour Porto Santo is home to one of Portugal’s best beaches. The 9km long  Praia Fontinha beach makes up most of the island’s south coast – and it rarely ever gets busy: there just aren’t enough people on the island:


Archipelago Choice Madeira specialists

Our Madeira Fly Drive gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace, or stay in a traditional cottage and soak up the local atmosphere with our self-catering in Calheta suggestion.

Our team of experienced specialists are ready to put together your personalised trip to Madeira; just give them a call on 01768 75678.

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