All you need to know about Archipelago Choice's COVID Busting Holiday to the Lake District

COVID Busting Lake District Holidays From Archipelago Choice – FAQ

All you need to know about Archipelago Choice’s COVID Busting Lake District Holidays 


  1. Is the Lake District safe from COVID? The Lakes have a relatively small population and infections rates are low.
  2. What risks are there in coming to the Lakes? We’re a rural county and most people who come here do so for the outdoor experience, which is being encouraged as a low risk activity
  3. Will I be welcome?  Without doubt, yes. Like everywhere there are a few ‘sticks in the mud’ who would have you think coming to the Lakes is not to be encouraged. But all our Lake District holidays are focused on supporting the local economy and run by locals.
  4. Will my accommodation be ‘Clean and Safe’? We have chosen high standard accommodation and are working with enthusiastic and diligent owners who are determined to make your visit as relaxing and safe as possible.
  5. Meals and eating out? Breakfasts will be staggered and for evening meals we can avoid busy restaurants by having meals brought to us, or eating outside.
  6. Who will lead the walks? All walks will be lead by the Archipelago Team, following trails we walk with our families and friends. We all have first aid certificates, carry first aid kits and know the places we’ll take you like the back of our hands.
  7. Will the activities be safe? All specialist activities like tubing, ghyll scrambling, via ferrata etc. will be run by qualified guides.
  8. What happens if the Lake District is locked down and we can’t travel?  Standard UK  travel package tour regulations will apply.  This means you’ll have the option of re-booking this or another Archipelago Choice holiday, or a full refund.
  9. What happens if we’re diagnosed with COVID or are prevented from travelling due to track and trace? You’ll be able to transfer the value of the holiday to any Archipelago Choice holiday. If the cost is lower, we’ll refund the difference –  if the cost is higher, you can use the money paid as a credit towards your new holiday.
  10. Guarantees? There are no guarantees is life, but we’ll always look after you and do the best for you….

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