Will it be a Staycation this year? – The million Dollar question

Will it be a Staycation this Summer? 

It’s the million dollar question, but for many this will also be the default position we’re contemplating.  A ‘staycation’ offers certainty and is great for the economy!

It’s not so good for the travel industry. But the good news, for Archipelago Choice, is that we’re based in the Lake District National Park – Our home is now an UNESCO world heritage site.

When not travelling and promoting our wonderful overseas destinations, we’re busy exploring this amazing part of the UK, and over the years have got to know the ‘Lakes’ like the back of our hands.

If a ‘staycation’ is on the cards for you this year, then try and little Archipelago Choice Lake District ‘ Secret Sauce’ for some inspiration.

On the Menu is: 

For starters: ‘Ian’s Lake district Adventures’ – Ian is co-founder and ‘Head of Inspiration at Archipelago Choice. 

Ian Coates - Lake District Holidays

I moved to the Lakes in 2001 with my wife Sarah.  We’d been coming up to the Lakes for years and finally decided ‘urban’ living wasn’t for us.  Since arriving, we’ve seen Archipelago Choice grow from being a back bedroom business to multi- award winning ‘Island Holiday’ travel specialist.

We’ve raised two kids, who have grown to appreciate the outdoors and have been lucky to travel the world and both have a love of the outdoors.  We spend most free time walking, cycling, climbing and mucking about on Derwentwater.

The Main: ‘Paul’s Lake District Adventures’ – Paul is fast becoming our Social Media guru and master of the dark arts of SEO. 

Like Ian, I’ve been here for over 20 years and first met when we lived across the road from each other.  Our baby monitors would often pick up each others kids when they were crying!  Initially, I was just involved with selling and promoting the Azores.  But due to COVID I’ve had to re-direct my energies to what we can offer in the Lakes.

Keswick’s a small place, but everything is very accessible.  When time allows (and there’s been quite a bit of that recently), you’ll find me out walking with my girls or riding the fells on my mountain bike.

Our Dessert: ‘Max’s Lake District Adventures’ – Max has a secret, he loves Techno’, which probably explains his interest and spreadsheets and bone rattling mountain biking!

Archipelago Choice Team Members

Originally from Lancashire, moving to Keswick and the Lakes just seemed like the right direction for me.  Life is full of twists and turns and my career before Archipelago has been quite eclectic (Outdoor education, sales and marketing, website design and organising some crazy bike events to name but a few).

My partner and I have just bought our first house together and our normal social whirlwind’ social life is, like most peoples, on hold.  However, with bike under butt’, I’m out cycling as often as life allows and advise on bike access routes in the lakes.

To finish with: ‘Jake’s Lake District Adventures’ – Jake is the only ‘true’ Cumbrian in the company.  Born and breed in Ireby (just outside Keswick). A true stalwart of Archipelago, who’s brings balance and harmony to the world around him.

I’m probably too modest, but in the end it’s best to get your head down and just ‘get on with things’.  I Can’t believe it’s been 16 years since I started at Archipelago and over that time a lot has happened.  In those early days, it was just the Azores.  But now (I should say BC – Before COVID) we’ve grown to offer all the Portuguese islands and a few ‘other’ places as well.

Now we’re in DC (During COVID) I’m having to draw on my local knowledge to help create, along with my incredibly cute daughter Hetty, a ‘staycation’ programme for this summer.

Interested in learning more about our staycation holidays in the Lake District?

Call: 01768 721040

Email: info@archipelagochoice.com

Website: https://archipelagochoice.com/ourdestinations/the-lake-district/


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