We transport you to the most colourful cultures, breathtaking landscapes and spectacular wildlife across the world’s most outstanding archipelagos – the Azores, Cape Verde, and Sao Tome and PrincipeGet in touch and we will help plan a wonderful tailor-made holiday just for you.


Straddling the mid-Atlantic ridge around 950 miles west of Lisbon lies the stunning Azores archipelago. Often described as the tips of the lost continent of Atlantis, the islands maintain an old world charm that is difficult to find almost anywhere else in Europe. Benefiting from a mild all-year-round climate, spectacular scenery of high craters, boiling pools, subtropical vegetation, cascading waterfalls and not forgetting the friendly people, these islands really must be seen to be believed.


570km off the coast of Senegal lies this intriguing string of 10 volcanic islands. Boasting the highest standard of living in West Africa, the people are wonderfully friendly and welcoming of visitors.  The islands are relatively small but the range of landscapes is remarkable. Maio and Sal are barren and flat, Santo Antão delights with its fertile valleys, Fogo features a single volcanic cone rising to 2829m and Boavista’s deserted white sand beaches are just gorgeous.  With its warm all-year-round climate, direct flights from the UK and beautiful beaches, Cape Verde is quickly becoming a popular holiday destination but most visitors do not take advantage of all it has to offer.

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe is Africa’s best kept secret, it’s not the easiest place to get to, and it’s also not for everyone. But it’s worth the effort if you’re adventurous and looking for a safe and fairly untouched and undiscovered holiday destination.

Island Holiday Specialists

At Archipelago Choice, our small friendly team of island holiday specialists has been organising tailor-made holidays to the Azores since 1998 and more recently to Cape Verde, Saõ Tomé and Príncipe. Over this time we have developed the most comprehensive, flexible and fairly priced holidays to these beautiful islands.

All the holidays we organise are put together with great care using our extensive knowledge of the islands and our experience of travelling around them. We try very hard to give the most choice and flexibility possible combining activities, accommodation and island hopping so we put together holidays that best suit our clients.

So whether you want to go whale watching, walking, canyoning, kite surfing or just relaxing on the beach, you can be sure our team of island holiday specialists will be able to help.

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